Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Like Me! | Seattle Photographer

Some work is going into the blog before the big move, and I'm slowly adding and changing things around here. You may have noticed some new buttons up on the right hand side of the screen. 
And, if you haven't been living under a rock, you know that those icons stand for various social media platforms. While not all of them are set up yet, I do have a new Facebook page!

Here you will find extra photos, the occasional giveaway, and announcements about discounts, new services, etc. So do me a teeny tiny favor and head over and "like" me! Please? Because if no one does, it'll be a major blow to my self-esteem. And I will hold all of you responsible.

Have a great day!

PS: Don't forget to schedule a session before August 31st at a discounted rate! I won't be in Utah much longer, so if you're thinking about it, now is the time...